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Puetz Corporation has relied on the expert services of Krohmer Plumbing for more than thirty years and for hundreds of projects. Krohmer Plumbing’s experience and resources make them a leader in the industry. Trust is one word that comes to mind when I think of Krohmer Plumbing. We trust Krohmer Plumbing. They are good people.
- Jon Schmitz, Owner, Puetz Corporation
Krohmer Plumbing is the most common sense, results oriented plumbing company I’ve worked with. The family owned nature/structure of the business is agile and efficient, and the owners and managers are accessible and willing to engage in discussion to problem solve quickly when necessary. Their dedication to client satisfaction and no non-sense approach to getting the job done make them an appealing choice for a plumbing teammate on any project.
- Jarrod Smart, President, Smart Commercial Construction Co.
Great people from top to bottom. I'd recommend Krohmer Plumbing to anyone commercial or residential.
- Kyle Hosek